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*Data is derived from sources with variable types. An effort is made to portray data of differing source types in a similar format.
Data is provided as-is for visualization purposes only. Migration Station makes no warranties for the data, and assumes no liability for any use, or activity arising from use, of this data.

waterfowl migration map

About the Waterfowl Migration Map

Our Waterfowl Migration Map is a unique, patent-pending application designed to make tracking the waterfowl migration simple and painless! This application takes this season’s waterfowl counts, aerial surveys, and migration reports and displays them all on an interactive and easy-to-understand migration map.

To use the migration map, first select a desired species to track. Next select a date you wish to view the then-most-current reports for. Total Duck Count for the current day is selected by default.

Our database is updated once daily from October through January, and on a regular basis in the off-season, so you can be sure that the most recent and up-to-date migration data is displayed.

States with migration data currently in the Migration Station database are: South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana from the Mississippi and Central Flyways, California, Nevada, and Oregon from the Pacific Flyway and Maryland and Delaware from the Atlantic Flyway.

If you have questions about data coverage or why certain states have no data, please feel free to contact us.

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