Migration Report Submission

It’s the offseason!

Thank you for your interest in submitting a migration report. However, since the main portion of duck season is over we’re taking a break!

We still plan to post migration updates for snow geese during the Conservation Order to our migration reports page, and if you’re curious about how last season’s migration unfolded, be sure to check out our migration map.

Thank you for your continued support; look forward to bigger and better things ahead!

New to 2023, Migration Station is increasing our data coverage by implementing image-based migration reports from our network of followers and supporters into the migration database. By using image-or-video-based submissions, we’re keeping the data science-backed, numbers-based, and most importantly—verifiable

Help us track the migration through your neck of the woods by submitting images or videos and some accompanying information, and look for it on our Migration Map

If you have any issues, please contact us.

While we love a post-hunt pile pic, at this time we are only able to process images or videos of LIVE BIRDS. 

How your name will appear in our Migration database (ex: John Doe, John Doe Outfitters, or @johndoe)
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Same as above, help us gather geo-location data for your report!
What was the primary species observed? If unsure, just choose 'Other'—we can handle it!
Don't worry about getting this perfect—we use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to calculation populations from the submitted image(s) before we use the data in our Migration database
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