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1: Normalizing the population counts ‘per square mile’ leads to an extremely rough approximation. This view is only intended to offer a potentially more representative look at population density. Sampling and data-gathering methods vary state-to-state, and it is safe to assume that most surveys do not include an entire state’s landmass.

mid-winter waterfowl survey

About the Mid-Winter Waterfowl Survey

The mid-winter waterfowl survey is a nationwide effort organized by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to survey wintering waterfowl populations with respect to conditions that could affect populations both in the short and long term. When active, this survey serves as the primary point of reference for waterfowl population data.

For more information on the USFWS’s mid-winter waterfowl survey, including the procedures used to gather the data, potential limitations of the data, and means of contacting representatives concerning the mid-winter waterfowl survey, please visit the USFWS Migratory Bird Data Center’s page on the Mid-Winter Waterfowl Survey.

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