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There are several reasons why an area might not have any data. Firstly, it is possible that there is not data for the area yet. For example, Migration Station does not usually have data for Arkansas or Mississippi until early December. 

However, there are some states that Migration Station does not usually have data coverage. Migration Station takes a stance that our data should come from verifiable sources. As such, while we value their input and partnerships, we do not include information from guides, businesses or the general public in our migration maps or databases.

As such Migration Station has not been able to find verifiable, trusted data sources from all 50 states. A notable example would be many states in the Atlantic Flyway. 

However, it is quite possible we have overlooked a data source. If you believe we are missing data, please feel free to contact us at the email provided below.

Our database is updated daily during the season, usually from October 1 to January 31.

In the off-season, Migration Station displays data from the prior season’s migration. Migration Station begins displaying the current season’s maps and migration data sometime in mid-October–when some of the earliest duck seasons begin.

To ensure our visualizations are as representative as possible, we will oftentimes remove data from showing in the applications if it is more than 30 days old

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